I speak for me- alone


There are times I read or hear people

Being overly inclusive, void permission

Assuming their experience is the same

As yours or mine, without asking a thing

Calling us- “Survivors” …no- not me

Nope, I refuse such a dishonest label

In part, upon the same moral grounds

Slaves refused a name from a master

Master’s that modified them forever

Something being attached to a being

Not of their making, nor their choice

Its an automatic open door for others

To use like an unexpired show ticket

Seeking to traipse through our ordeal

As if entitled, to interrogate our veracity

And all too often victimize us once again

Only to add to our burden of sensitivities

To strip away what God hadn’t intended

They’re pejoratives, plain and simple

Labels are not informative or definements

Of who the person is, or experienced

To impose such a lifelong obligation

Is not only cruel but humiliating inhuman

Besides, the person was rightfully named

For most, their name of origin, authenticity

Stemming from a bloodline of history

Beyond mere fellowship: but familyship

Something one can chose for themselves

On whether they want or not to take pride in

Not a shackle to be looked down upon

Nor pitied as if marked nonredeemable

And in need of share charitable emotions

Or clinical objectified; endless evaluation

Because some self-serving narcissist

Pontificates they can undo the experiences

Heal you by means of their modern science

Only to compound us with more intrusions

And when they all failed…blame the victim


Poet of the Light © 2019


7 thoughts on “I speak for me- alone

  1. This is incredibly deep. I don’t even like it when people ask what religion I am, because that is not something that should define me. So I say, “I have a relationship with God, and within that relationship, I respect what He does and doesn’t like, just as I try to do with everyone else.”

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    1. Sounds more than fair of a response to anyone, subject to their reasons. imo
      I have no qualms stating my denomination if asked and I don’t act like an apologist for it either however I will answer honest questions as best I can.
      I do have issue delving into my private life, past and present unless someone feels inviting and respectful to what I might answer.
      We all flip a coin with unknown people and sometimes we loose and learn.

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      1. The reason I don’t like to outbid myself under a specific title is because at one point, I lost my belief in God. And prior to that crisis, I was so utterly sure that what I believed about God and the way I lived my life was 110% the truth. Now, I realize that things are more than what they seem, and oftentimes we only have a rudimentary knowledge of something, but believe it to be the entire scope of the thing. It left me really careful with words and careful what kind of yokes I place myself under.


  2. This is really thought provoking and all these people actually blame others for everything they fail in. This is the most inhumane part of humanity.

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