Love with her: adventurous I guess

Love and lust can wear the same smile

Unchecked carnivorous cravings

Exploding with human raw intensity

A roller-coaster ride of emotions

Contortions offering no end ramp

Far too many lost breathes to count

My weight plunged as energy rose

Lust became like a synthetic infusions

Creative impromptu’s slowly waned

Routines became her daily staple

More and more plateaus appeared

And then we hit an unexpected bump

The ridding turned cryptic in nature

Down should’ve been left or right

Honestly, I still can’t get a handle on it

Fascicle micro-cues were hampered

As she chose a mask over her make-up

Tones in her sensual voice changed

Falling deeper with caustic demands

My weight fell again trying to keep up

I noticed she ordered a dozen whips

And a whole slew of other exotic toys

I grew up and I’m nobody’s pet boy

Her light drinking; now a day long habit

She had changed, I feared as into what

Sometimes ones fate is surely disguised

The first time she passed out.. I jumped


Poet of the Light © 2019


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