I dare to peregrinate

Where others avoid to imagine

In a sacred place of winter

Where I find my greatest comfort

Where howls of winds are quelled

The way whispers are kindly hushed

And I can walk smiling, barefooted

Stirring up no sign of dust

Leaving no print in my wake

Yet feel fully at ease, welcomed

A place my age changes

To fit my unfitting moods

Nothing I say or ever do

Will molest this pristine creation

Where silence is at my will

Across its whole landscape

Showers fall at just a thought

Fog bow rainbows follow if I want

My heartbeats set the pace

For a slew of unheard melodies

That permeates, one feelings

So long as they remain open

Here I rule over nothing

Yet- I’m treated as a king

Here I escape from the present

To be embraced by its presence

Here, I speak candidly with…God

Poet of the Light © 2019


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