Every now and then

I’m somewhat beset

Within a near full stall

Of a precise moment

And only I- dare defy it

Insomuch as to notice

My heartbeats consistent

Each remaining fluent

My breathing stays calm

Complete with cognitivity

Unaffected in body motions

Where nearly all of my

Fallible human awareness

Is concentrated on one target

A conceiving faint image

That resides in its pale sight

Just beyond earth-born realm

Where noesis and dreams roam

Her essence and smiling face

Remains conceptually elusive

But I know instinctively- its her

Showered inside the glaring colors

Vividly being spilled out divinely

As my skin erupts in chill bumps

Awesomeness races acutely up my spine

My breath hesitates- in pure reverence

As if, I’m being spiritually baptized

Inside a renewed life- adorned in a gift

Restoring anew all my hearts past damage

Inside her heartbeats, her warm embrace

My total attention stolen in her whispers

I’m found by love, in another…tomorrow


Poet of the Light © 2019


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