Kaleidoscopic blues


I loved everything I’d seen about her

But peculiarly, she knew nothing of me

I truly experienced a delicate abruptness

Needless to say I felt lost in the contrast

Was it all fiction itself, or worse, was I?

Could I be the abstract thought-dream;

That never comes to fruit, or animation?

Oh how the turn of a lens never changes

Stories and fairy-tales oft blur reality

But not her, not from my perceptive point

And yes, I tweaked the rules of evidence

How could I not, in the spirit of fairness?

Metamorphism was at play, or to blame

After all, she moved me, in every way

Like some soul magnet, slowly pulling

Resistance: had never become a thought

And if she was a mere dream herself;

I’d prefer remaining fast at rest, forever

It feels rather hellish, straddling a threshold

Being pulled back and forth, for loves sake

Between imperfect life and perfect delusions

No wonder so many go mad to love…perfection


Poet of the Light © 2019


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