Followers be advised:

“Real talk”, as someone just put it to me: In all my time here it seems I- of all people am being called “mean”. If anyone has felt me be snarky, or insensitive to you on a post, or in conversation, please note it was never my intersessions and I’m sorry. Please leave your name below in the comment sections and I will be happy to unfollow you and thereby not comment further. Needless to say, I’ve apologized to this unnamed person and unfollowed them as well. I’m a pacifist and do not permit myself to defend myself from others. I abhor violence which in my mind begins from the thought of anger via words. I’m still required and afford defense of all others right up to the threshold of violence.

From time to time I feel connected to someone well enough predicated on their jokes to and or about me that I in kind return the banter in the spirit of fun- alone. I may even offer my opinion on some matters open to the public/followers but at no time have I pontificated what anyone must think, feel or do in their own personal life. I state only my position on how I must reside but never debate.

Like so many here, I’ve endured many hardships, broken heart, tragic events, yet- I’ve braved the walls I need to protect myself and exposed my real raw emotion on this site in poetry, or songs. I’ve sought nothing but to connect to other akin people, to relate and find sense of kinship and be understood. I’ve acted in the spirit of friendship, left my email available in the event someone wanted to speak openly and candidly about their life…in private. Life is far to short for such Facebook dramaholics.

.No one’s inference is absolute and may well be wrought with confirmation biases.

If you find I’m intolerant to you because of your religion, political belief’s, location, gender, pugilistic  pc, sexual preference or any other such cause- drop me from your life, from your mind like bad virus.


20 thoughts on “Followers be advised:

  1. Oh my. That’s interesting. Inasmuch as I’ve known you, I’ve always found you to be kind, friendly, and open. I like those qualities. I think maybe your policy is best: simply unfollow and life goes on 🤷🏼‍♀️ Hugs my friend, for what it’s worth.

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  2. I’d hate to consider what that person considers nice and malicious. Sorry that you got caught up in all of that though. If I’ve gleaned any impression about you it is that you’re almost nice to a fault. It’s not a fault, of course, the rest of the world (including myself) hinge too much on cynical ideas. You just keep being you and don’t be afraid to voice your opinions. Poetry and critique of poetry requires open forums and opinions. You are the Poet of the Light, after all 🙂

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