Bottled ships


All those tawny streams I drown in

Never took me any place I wanted

Maybe the vessels were too small

To carry away all- I needed to forget


She was a lovers dream come true

Until she lovered me and another too

And my dream became a nightmare

I couldn’t live with or without her


So I went smooth sailing each night

In a dream I could handle, sort of

Long enough until I passed out of sight

As those warm ripples soothed my heart


One day, I’ll break away, from this horizon

And her memory will leave me…forgotten


Poet of the Light © 2019


12 thoughts on “Bottled ships

  1. Beautiful poem. I think too often people who are most worthy of love are drawn to the wrong lovers, the ones who are forever unavailable. It seems that those lovers can’t handle being loved and can only mislead and pretend.

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