Poetic skies


Morning’s blushed halo

Has broken over the horizon

Spilling all of its colors

Unlocking dreams for lovers

And I’m still here

Inside this silent darkness

And the first thing that comes to mind

Is me, wondering- if you’re alright?

Is heaven better than we believe?

Funny, I never thought it be like this

After I childishly stole that first kiss

But then again. I never thought

Too much of anything before

I was just living a life that came along

Never thinking anything could go wrong

Before I lost you- what a surprise

I mistook the heaven in your eyes

As a place, I’d always reside

But now, Oh God now you’re gone-

And no ones laughing in love

Especially me, in this lonely sea

Where I keep finding pieces

Of a tragic life, I’ll never get back

Too late to change or make fit right

Lord knows how many times I tried

Nothing I did- really changed anything

And because you’re always present

Inside my meandering thoughts

I just thought again, I’d wait up a bit

And tell you how much I miss you

How much I miss even your touch

More than these tears I cry

More than the angels that hold me

Could ever- reveal in silence

Even if I had to waste a whole night

Staring up at the stars- dreaming

Like we did, nakedly holding hands

Before drifting off to sleep

Between soft spoken whispers

In the promise of each others heart

Now I can lay to dream if but for a day

In the missed warm touch… of you


Poet of the Light © 2019


7 thoughts on “Poetic skies

  1. Even being separated between heaven and earth, I believe love will always remain in the heart. I am not only talking about love between a man and a woman. Losing a child, a parent,…love will never die. When you closed your eyes, can you feel the presence of the loved one? I can.

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