Perhaps after a blink of an eye

In a draft of its passing breeze

Akin, an out of body thing

Causing chills and goosebumps

During small conversations

There- are at certain moments

Separation of I- and my divinity

Where even my own soul feels

Tattered, looking disheveled

A lost age old traveler bewildered

Dressed in a dirty rent covering

As I’m feeling far removed

My life, myself and all reality

As if I’ve become a renegade

From everything else that is- me

After peregrinating time barefooted

Down worn out paths, I created

And thirst and hunger are in battle

To try and selflessly save one another

Through once lush green meadows

Traipsing over snow covered poppy fields

Sliding on frozen mirrored lakes

Crawls, hungover across deserted lands

Undernourished, somewhat vacant

Sleeping in a tree limb to feel hugged

So that my courage doesn’t run amuck

As I clutch granules of belief, somewhere…I’m love

Poet of the Light © 2019 


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