I value even the queerest of coincidences

Especially so when it comes to love- humans

Quality is of the upmost importance to me

But there are rare essential times when I-

Simply pull myself and inner thoughts back

Withdrawal me, if you will, purposefully.

To simply sit, observe those valued connections

From at a much further form of distance;

How some may not take notice or even care

My words, thoughts and presence are absent

Whereby I see who “misses” me; if or how

I might be measured by them so I may acclimate

My own mindset, my emotional expectations

Of who is who in our reality of interconnections.

As well too my dependency level or form on others

In whatever that personal association may exist

It also serves to tweak my cognitive openness

My willingness to evaluate new ideas, voices

and criticism of my current mode of thinking

Or purge of present or old unresolved emotions.

While I’m mindful now- I cannot be all things

to all people, I can remain being me to who matters

And do so in an acute awareness of true civility

Through my oft imperfect but human…acceptance


Poet of the Light © 2019


6 thoughts on “Quantitative

  1. Sigh, my problem is that when I get the urge to pull back, I simply disappear for good. I’m really working on being present and not leaving people in the dark. It’s like I’m either fully present, or I’m fully disengaged. How does one find a happy medium?

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      1. Ahh ‘tis good I was not seeking to be impressed then, but to find a kindred soul 😉 Yes, I am practicing being fully present, with all of my flaws and vulnerabilities, and all of my achievements as well.

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