She- was mysteriously like a zephyr

tickling her way through my soul

and when the light was just right

they’d capture, the whole universe


She’d bare deep pain in her silence

afraid to mistakenly offend someone else

Always seeking to lighten life for others

while never soliciting anyone for help


She’d spend weeks, planning or crafting

something special for those she loves

It was like some sorta of love campaign

looking to capture the best of a moment


She was truly a gift to the world at large

I still love and miss her each hour


Poet of the Light © 2019


4 thoughts on “Nurturer

  1. She sounds like a wonderful person. The use of the past tense is heartbreaking and that final line about it not only being continuous but heightened in each hour says a lot. That was a beautifully written ode to the zephyr of your soul.

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