Dissonance beatings


How times still come

When I feel disappointed

About myself, my “needs”

And quite frankly- my selfishness

Wanting to beg you to return

Needing to override your governance

Void of empathy of your feelings

And your choice- to simply leave

I’m unsure why it was so easy

You note read: our sun and moon died!


Many of those times

That seem to come out of nowhere

Much like goosebumps just erupting

I tried far easily to rationally justify

If only to myself, my broken parts

To the unhealed pain that really hurts

That its what you’re truly expecting

That it might make noticeable difference

And somehow over rule reality;

That gone really can be- forever

Epitomizing a hearts desperate thoughts


I will never have with another

All I had and shared with you

I don’t honestly think, we’re suppose to

And foolishly fall into the traps

That all love and lovers are equal

When truth be told- they’re not

Neither are we; in our individuality

While living any gifted moment to the next

Because honestly there’s always that chance

In one of my next moments you’re back

But if and until then I still live- this

Who knows, the next love maybe…even greater


Poet of the Light © 2019


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