Steam akin from my breath only to disappear in the air

Vivid picturesque plays out on a translucent sheet

Haze and fog in collusion overlaying the landscape

Its been days since I’ve noticed another living creature

Dawn slips in from another moon’s drunken escapade

As often seen through bloodshot eyes draping mistakes

Restricting more my view in the distance in all directions

As a prismatic brush of imagination begins to paint

Where wildlings caresses trees, brushes and wispy hopes

I slog along on a blanketed ridge of old powered snow

That slopes to and fro, thru a small broken chasm open

Semblance of down castle rocks of a once inviting kingdom

Briskness teases frostbite at my exposed facial skin

Thunderous heartbeats sound out like an ominous song

Fooling my psyche now and then; that I’m not alone

I traverse among the hibernated and scantly sheltered

Who may never know of my presence until I’m gone

They may give chase on fragments of my frail trail

Or may think me a ghost scent leftover from days of old

But when you’re caught in a perpetual season- stalled

It becomes more comfortable than those hallows of hell

Where you were left broken by a lovers ultimate betrayal

At least here, known danger is expected to be everywhere

And your only friend is the one that leaves you alone

Idealistic prayers number as many as falling snowflakes

From a tattered faith whose frayed thread is getting thin

Yet- remains clear most of the time, if time still exist

How ironic to life, murder drifts overhead in silence

While I sit gazing outwardly of a cold picture pane

Droplets stream down a water glass and pool at its base

My presence has gone unnoticed in this unfamiliar space

Sight of her entrance in laughter sounds much like thunder

As the chatter of patrons between us solidify my reality

I’ll have to find a new hidden sanctuary place to trek

With fresh coffee and dreams of being somewhere else…again


Poet of the Light © 2019

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