Palms Isle


My perception itself- most certainly

aids in stirring my vast array of emotions

as well as speaking towards a cryptic truth

that is not yet, understood or completely defined

and much like a ghost in its appearing tangibility

in so much as, its evoking a known presence

That traverses more at will than dependency

of some ill gotten wind seeking to rampage


Emotions must swim an incongruity

as they can fall prey to those unrelenting

waves of bittersweet but sound questions

like buoys, churning in the crux of ones mind

where chaos and reason, oft do battle

over full authority and loves legitimacy

Love is humanly misperceived as causal

to all the woes of the world at large, but

truth be told headlong; it suffers most unduly

for mistaken courses, misread stars, darkness or

failing to chart a maps destination, adequately


Love- in my mind, can feel imprisoned

once it has bought its nonrefundable ticket

for a journey that seems much too idealistically

to everyone else from an observers position

And I- keep buying into those exotic adventures

knowing somehow, one day, I’ll forever remain

Observers, that still reek of their own failures

but veil them as life preservers of words

too dishonestly injected in breaking waters

Waters, only our own heart courageously dare ride


Love is a paradox- that can neither be conquered

nor can it be confined inside- anything other

than that of another persons heart; a sanctuary,

a place where acceptance is automatically gifted

like a lazy day, on a golden amber morning beach

and naked honest is the scent in a delicate breeze

adoring footprints are left in wandering pairs

Where I still- imagine you’ll find me…waiting


Poet of the Light © 2019


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