Yesterday I knew of:


The flavor of your wet lips

Warmth of their nakedness

Pressed lustrously against mine


Delicacy of your fingers

As they traversed my entity

Exposing all secrets of my mind


The seductive caress of your breath

As it toyed with my skin and imagination

Subjugating my senses- mindlessly


The scent our your perfume

Freshly laced with both our sweat

Heightening our erotic simulations


Verbalized tones of your achieved pleasure

Tethering of my name when its spoken

and your uncensored exclamatory phrases


The welcomed pain of your grasping nails

As they tore deep into my salty flesh

Contracting like a boa with all your energy


The rhythm of your heart when at rest

Fashionable clutch of your hand with mine

Placement of all your sleepy self in my arms


And today, again I failed to capitulate,

My suffrage, from your loss as…your casualty


Poet of the Light © 2019 


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