Too indicative


Everyday seems like the last one

Every hour more boring, disappointing


Sometimes I burst out in laughter

When I’m dreaming of you, night or day

Still here loving me, like you did

Have you ever dared to- remember?


These foolish waves of water rush in

Only to reflect me too often, too real

Where true sadness is carved on my face

I’m feeling lost inside myself, still- missing


I’ve got more than a million questions

But I don’t need all them answered

I just need to know your listening

To these feelings; whispers of my heart


Are you even out there…somewhere?

Why should I even wonder or care anymore?


I start a million one-sided conversations

Replaying how you might answer, or

Have you forgotten me the way,

I can’t forget you or your touches?


All you seem to have left behind with me

Is to be- beset by what dwells within

An unbridled passion of love- rejected

To breathe, be freed and be possessed

Beyond these haunting memories…of- us


Poet of the Light © 2019

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