For me- I’ve come to recognize

Love came as unique as snowflakes

Unintended; gentle bite on their lip

Their leisurely pace along a beach

A light whisper during a passionate read

The gleam of eyes, boasting a reflection

An unexpected glace at me that stays

The unashamed broken tears of empathy

It was always- those natural nuances

In all of my meaningful relationships

That stood out as if another language

Yet- so telling, I had to take notice

Which caused my true appreciation

Of all those tiny moments- “trinkets”

Stored forever in my mind, visually

That many gloss over or come hate

Perhaps even as subtle as a fingers touch

When done innocently and unconscious

Or the quiver of a lip, struggling perfection

In pronunciation to specific words

Or that sudden grasp of my hand

Whenever the rain bore forth its thunder

For me- they were keys of natural effort

That words could never utter, define

And in all the time they briefly lasted

They’re what I miss most…in my hearts life


Poet of the Light © 2019

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