Compatibility must equal completability

Shortcuts are merely filled in puffery

Hollow words, meaningless emotions

Materialism can be vastly blinding

As well as lustful short shortsightedness

I’ve endured- most mysteriously

Two marriages achieving dissolution

I used to describe them as “failed”

However over time that changed

Reflection can be most illuminating

Now- I refer to them more honestly

They simply reached due “incompleteness”

I also deflected any responsibility myself

My ego felt hurt enough, giving the scars as it was

As if I could arbitrarily assess true guilt

But- it too has learned to swallow it’s bitter truth

And today, I know I shared their ineptness

Which makes them worthy of the venture

Albeit a cruel way love does some lessons

I think now, I understand what I’m seeking

And what’s never bound for…my completeness


Poet of the Light © 2019

6 thoughts on “Recette

  1. Ah, the last four lines have caused a grin inside me. I do love this transformation, realisation, the honest beginnings of hope and understanding.

    Liked by 1 person

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