Fare thee well


Last I knew twas most promising

Until I turned my back from view

Some count time like diamonds

Time lapsed like a candle flame

Extinguishing in every second

Now, cawing of a nearby crows

Expecting to devouring my soul

Before I woke their humiliation

As breath of life resumes again

In and out my own shallow- gasps

Purge outwardly from a salty man

A wet sandy bed lays beneath me

Like carrion left to the mercy

Of a bitter and thrashing wave

Murder thought hope to claim

I was tossed aside loves boat

And left to drown in the dark

Nowhere was a shore in sight

Just I- reaching for a moon beam

As if it were some sorta life line

At least before reality vacated

And some passing star saved me

Miraculously dredging me from a sea

Reality now finds me…loves castaway


Poet of the Light © 2019

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