Ingenious depths

Eager fear of raw inquisitiveness

On a slippery slope beyond imaginary

It feels humid almost muddied

Uncomfortable yet so exciting

Still I cannot see as I’m encompassed

The cloak of darkness heightens everything

My heart shudders in a set of secrets

Almost as if, I’m in and out of conscious

Certain pressure wrapping most eagerly

My inveigle mind venturing ever plodded

My fingertips slip grasping for wet, silky- firmly

I feel afire and growing evermore thirsty

I want to speak loud but only whisper faintly

Only to have those airy words return upon me

And their currents fuels better yet me, the embers

I degust the flavors of your scent, your essence

Oh love! how I love exploring you all so….blindly

Poet of the Light © 2019

25 thoughts on “Ingenious depths

      1. Sensations wash over me
        Filling my thoughts
        Captured fascination
        Drawing it out
        Sensual tease

        Binding my wants
        Sadistic frenzy
        Tender but greedy
        Arousal and plead
        The ocean calling to me

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