En route


On the periphery of a moons departure

And approaching edge of a suns arrival

I’m laden by grains of falling sand

That offers me no answers- or comfort


Every now and then

I must simply- sit, and ponder

Take rest of my afflicted feet

As I deeply breath- inwardly

And try to imagine your face

While between gasps of stales air

Escape into a silent landscape

I hear- the things you might say

That always brings me to a smile

And help erase my pain- for but awhile


Oh! the naively perilous step I’ve laid

In mud, darkness, snow and rain

To get to and fro for a love unfounded 

Accompanied by my fallen and tired tears

Having desperately clung onto facial lines

Before they became too weak to care 


My! how far I’ve surely traveled

Just to be here in this moment, of time

So I could earnestly whisper heartbeats

From my heart faintly into your ear

If only you were here, to hear them…from me


Poet of the Light © 2019

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