Tides out

In love and or its loss, the heart

bleeds profusely, like a river

while drifting mindlessly alone

There came times we’ve opined

In our own antithetical banter

Love and wisdom fashionably

have their own unique craving

Yet codependent, on one another

But there also comes those times

when a divorce is all that is left

and the incompatible couple split

Yet, it is a love I can’t easily dismiss

and for me, logic has its frail limits

So I decided to follow logic’s lead

in my own mannerism, sort to speak

I rent from myself as loves dissenter

I’m sure at times, I will miss…my mind

Poet of the Light © 2019


5 thoughts on “Tides out

  1. We share very similar views about “writing from the heart, POL Perhaps the only difference of any interest is I myself think of it as writing from both the heart and mind at once. The idea of speaking authentically, true to ourselves, has been on my mind quite a bit these past 30 or so days. What a coincidence to stumble across your blog!

    Also, it’s possible “Tide’s Out” is about to inspire a blog post. Maybe, maybe not. I’ll link back to it if and when it does.

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      1. I posted with a link back to your poem. Here’s the link because the pingback appears delayed:


        I’m kind of excited to meet you, actually. The similarities are too important to make any differences matter to me.

        Here’s my take on it: I don’t think anyone knows for certain they speak the truth. The best any of us can hope for is to speak the Honest truth — the truth as we honestly see it. None of us are really in a position to say, “You are right or wrong”. Not say that and literally mean we know for certain what we’re talking about. But all of us can speak the truth as we honestly see it.

        That’s my take. What’s yours?

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      2. Interesting. All truth is honest…to someone. The only truth I know, is my ever-changing own. All else, in my humble opinion, is merely conjecture that I’m working at understanding, and know then how it may or may not relate to me.
        btw, how can anything be “too (excessive)” anything instead of merely prevalent because it maybe lacking elsewhere? : )

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