Glossed over

For years I stood blank, in quietness

Like a canvases left colorless

I became what as the world reflected

None of which made me a saint


You think you know me

When absolute truth isn’t the same

You know the glimmer you’ve seen

Glimmers, you’ll love or simply hate


When in tangible of all realities

Beyond your flawed capabilities

I’m everything you couldn’t see

I’m that image you never felt…in-between


Poet of the Light © 2018


17 thoughts on “Glossed over

  1. These words have brought some closure. I cared deeply for a fella’ who just went away. I’ve grappled with the sadness for a bit trying to rationalize, blaming myself, then just being angry at him. Poison prison for my soul. Now i understand that when i started to reach into the layers I frightened him away. These words are medicine for the broken heart. Amazing work. Obrigado.

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    1. Those who are honorable will sacrifice self, in one way, shape or form, before harming someone they love, imo. Love shouldn’t keep us prisoners when love is about freedom itself.
      Your comment was most gratifying and humbling, Thank you for your kind words.

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      1. My ABSOLUTE pleasure bro! I’m soooo excited to see all that the Lord is doing in the lives of His people in this season!


  2. You romanticize Heartake..I love a poem that makes me feel a feeling from reading the words..although it makes me feel sad for you, the writer, I feel it must touch anyone who reads it.

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