Le cyberintimdation

Le tyran trouvera toujours un prétexte pour son tyrannie

A shared quote in French I read about tyrants/cyberbullies

So apropos for the recent attacks on innocent poets.

“The tyrant will always find a pretext for his tyranny.”

9 thoughts on “Le cyberintimdation

  1. What is interesting is it seems that they are experts at gaslighting. And making things that are NOT about them… about them after all. I’m not one for crying “bully” at every turn, but at some point, it gets a bit weird.


  2. Why disrupt a beautifl heartfelt blog with this person. Make a page and put him there..I’m convinced he’s in love with inkwell or he’s jealous over a woman. He for sure don’t like the skin he’s in..very sad really.


  3. I’ve had a cyber stalker/bully for years. Going on eight. This just makes me sigh and remember to keep my details close.
    What also gets to me is when some people reading posts like this, about trolls or bullies or stalker behavior, they discount it or by saying they don’t like to get involved with drama. Well. Sheesh. Neither did I, he involved me.
    Nice postings

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