Miss Parsed


I became nothing but a memory

Moments after she read my words

Like an unwanted news ad

When- what I really wanted

Was to be read, and then felt

As if I was standing before her

Stripped of all veils, constraints

To be dreamed, wanted, loved

To be imagined by her heart

In colorful scenes- of longed dreams

Wrapped around her like a scent

If only she could absorb me as ink

Does spilled words upon parchment

Feel the beats of all my emotions

As one does from another’s heart

And be blind to my social aberrations

Until her ears could feel…my whispers


Poet of the Light © 2019



16 thoughts on “Miss Parsed

  1. This is such a touching sentiment. I can recall experiencing this feeling throughout various stages of my life, for different people and situations. These words gift me the assurance of being part of the greater human spirit, when I’ve felt completely isolated at times. Timeless work ☺ Obrigado!

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