Something innately is telling me

Not to go out searching, to wait

I still glimpse ever now and then

Faint fragments in my current present

Of a life for me that might’ve been

Had I turned right, instead of left

When facing- that great divergence

Had I known more than I really did

I’m unsure I would’ve even opted

To go another way- in hindsight

Such is the ghost of a maze in life

And not often thought of, simply

Was the chance to backtrack steps

Maybe to a different intersection

Life afford so many, unknowingly

Always believing it is best forwardly

Because everyone else has done so

Never thinking they too had failed

Peregrination’s veil truth’s reality

When the focus is too narrowly seen

Then again maybe we- didn’t change

Our life trajectory that’s yet to hit

Perhaps I would have been found

In a deeper darkness or maybe by love

That came and saved my foolish heart

From all its tragic scaring- and hurt

Maybe you would’ve been, actively

That question answered in kisses

I so vainly searched for in blindness

Where two paths did become- one

Leading us to loves true nectar bliss

And stolen us- from all the worlds

Cold, cruel and ugly divided…silence


Poet of the Light © 2018







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