Stripped from a tree

An unnerving leaf laid bare

Hope dashed away- furling

The sun no longer cared

And simply burnt it, dry

Now soil for someone’s else dream

The breeze no longer teased

Even the color of a dancing flame

Uncomfortable was clearly

More than an understatement

She was unaware I seen her

With him, their new closeness

My two- best of friends

I guess I really can pick them

She began speaking abruptly

The air became crisp and caustic

Words I didn’t want to hear

I knew they would lead to feelings

Words that made me feel things

No heart strives for, factual truth

But felt more like frozen rose petals

Beset atmosphere; pending doom

My heart knew- when she finished

It would shatter one last time

Like glass from a broken frame

Panes flipping, gnarly twisting

In a slow downward motion

Pictures of lived memories in each turn

Reflecting love that disappeared

In a time, I could no longer- stall

After her last cracked word, she left

I never even heard her footprints

And all I once was, now smashed

Even as pieces, such as a leaf or glass

I would still love her…wholly


Poet of the Light © 2018




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