Often the seaside ambiance is perfect

For capturing the right frame of mind

As an artist relaxes and lets it happen

I no sooner close my eyes- and then


The roaring sounds of oceans waves

Fell to a near silent as I embraced her

Her response solidified exactly what

We both knew was in the taunting air

Instinctively we tore off what bit of

clothing remained draping our flesh


As we kissed in that naked sloppiness

Igniting our soulful dance on sandy soil

Mimicking flames fueled by the fiery

Pleasure of passion our bodies were

Exerting as our moans and slapping

Essences overtook the lost music of

That mellifluous lapping ocean song


In fact, I dare say that ocean desisted

In gesture as it bore willingly witness

Our version of poetic laws of motion

And learned a thing or two of crashing


Still, far from those oceanic sprays

You would’ve thought that they were

Magically washing over, us in saltiness

Not only exchanging each others saliva

But expelled air to breath and absorb- us

We degust the plentiful nectar of our love


My hand tightly held her offered neck

Her vein’s protrusions growing larger

Along with unrelenting motion strides

And eagerness to reach a summit soon

I clenched ever tighter for the rough ride


Stings from sweat flooding in her deep

Fingertip scratches across my flesh

Felt worth every effort to make them

Beside there is far too much depicting

To worry over gouges on an unfinished

But colorful canvases coming to fruition


Every deep inhale was simply adding

Pure oxygen to an erotic fire already

Gone wild from a natural desire to burn

Until the was nothing left but ashes


Lust couldn’t exist without a partner

And there in those wet moments surely

We were all the partnership required

To reach whatever we wished to acquire


Animalistic expressions from our faces

Only intensified the satisfaction we sought

As we were achieving it together as one


Just as my dream was to get truly climatic

I woke to realize how hard I was sleeping

I was overheating and quickly removed

My damp sleepwear as I rushed to grasp

A few swallows of water to drink before

Returning to what I hoped to be a more

Pleasurably sleep awaiting…completion


Poet of the Light © 2018




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