The closer I got to the source

The more intoxicating, she became

With every inhale, I surrendered

More of myself, more of my heart

Until I only existed in lingers of her

Long after she departed my fingers

Now, unexpected wisps of her scent

Suddenly transfer me in seconds

Using time and my own memory

Like a conduit- turned backwards

Pictures come to life once again

When her first kiss consumed me

As if I were mere pyre and her- fire

In each encounter, I lived, died again

In body and soul, much like the way

Amber captures nights pitch darkness

Slowly, with a consuming passion

Naturally from its very own essence

And no matter how much I resisted

Full truth would still be self-evident

My secret love for her openly told

Attempting to deny it- truly futile

As no fool could’ve been foolisher

Whenever she came to my attention

She’d own my heart… indefinitely


Poet of the Light © 2018






33 thoughts on “Personified

      1. Oh havnt heard from you. I responded to another post of ur but nothing … good to know but hope i find love . Seems that is what you want however I am not ready for it


      2. Lol 😂 hey you never know you love who u love and I am no longer a hopeless romantic, or waiting for my knight and shinning armor to ride up on his white horse. Depending on my day I like the idea of love, i like how I felt when i was in love for the first time.. however I do not like how I felt after my heart was broken


      3. If this, if that- are simply preclusion we use like shadows on the wall that become monsters…only in our minds. If the sun falls from the sky, life and love are worthless, right? so long as it remain in place life and love are everything to breathe.

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      4. Love is a lie and only because of the people who falsely murdered its meaning by manipulating its intentions


      5. It’s both because love it’s self is a false advertisement. Therefore it easily is used to manipulate and change the system


      6. Hmmmm you got me there . I enjoy running . It’s my free therapy . It’s my meditation. It’s my stress relieving activity and my way to prove I am amazing , resilient and did it while fighting a broken heart and cancer . It my best friend

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      1. It’s James Joyce’s seemingly most unknown work, though it has been around since 1968 (published posthumously).


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