Surely, I born to be a poet, I thought

In those most esoteric moments

I: just a lad; her: a voluptuous woman

She turned my ignorance into bliss

Truth be told, for all practical purposes

I became her artistic canvas; blemished

To do with as she pleased, wantonly

I thought myself her muse, appreciatively

What did I care, I was desired- enough!

She acquired a carnivore craving of me

Using my love to alter my own palate

Life became my fearful rises and falls

I was being reshaped in brokenness

I tried to escape but told on myself

My sweet intentions became anew

Through my own sweat and tears- lost

In time I relished it; my pain gained

All my natural fluidity, often drained

After all, as I’ve heard it all explained

Negative attention is better than none

Surrendering my own survival to her

Proof I was in love; to be loved in return

My every heartbeat resulted in scars

Evidence of my poetic heart- learned

Instead of a being her pet poetic lover

I’ve become her masochist…beloved


Poet of the Light © 2018



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