Stormy Sanity


For me, life isn’t worth living

If it isn’t worth dreaming- first

They all think I’m crazy

I don’t mind cynical minds

That never dreamt a dream

Let alone, lived off nothing

All I know for sure, in my heart

Is that she is tangibly- unseen

Like a whisper straight from heaven

She just comes out of nowhere

Traversing by her own gypsy will

And her existence lights up mine

She seeps in; moves across my surface

Long before I know she’s arrived

And for me- she’ll always be

Like a gifting angel I don’t deserve

That untamable whorl

Stirring up heartfelt particles

Like a dust storm on barren land

That her and I live, love and dance

Oh, I may look desolate

But I hold tight her in my dreams

And she holds me invisible- in my…reality


Poet of the Light © 2018



11 thoughts on “Stormy Sanity

  1. I remember reading this first on long gone G+. It was startling then as it is now, an unexpected stumbled upon beauty. I am glad that it is here.


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