Oh, dearest unfound summit

That does call to me, silently

Here- snow has begun to fall

With an accompanying sunset

Only to rise and search for rest

Beyond yet another of horizons

As such is found in a lover’s heart

The fire merely fades into ember

Slow and yet ever changing, burns

Ever present, as is this moment

The chill is most obvious of all

Like ghostly whispers on my skin

Erupting into many of thoughts

I’m truly unsure- this will find you

But here- in this moment I write

From the purest of my own heart

Where even the cruel world itself

Has never touched, nor harmed

Though the outer layers are scarred

No changed of what remains truth

In each beat still bequeathed me

They serve as my companions

To search by a divine purpose

That one missed person- to love

That time may have unwittingly

Held back from my own hands

From my most eager fingertips

I appropriately write with now

Know in each faithful beat left

I’m of the mindset that you live

Within my universe but unseen

Like beauty in a flower or painting

Hidden like an unknown treasure

Just outside my fringes of grasp

And I feel your presence nightly

There- in those illustrious dreams

Where your unique voice speaks

In a language known exclusively

To only me, my body, and my soul

That joyfully breaks tears loose

And somehow, I can understand

Everything your meant to bring

To all- I am, and to all I’ll ever be

I can sense queerly but peacefully

As if, you’re being sent to bring

To deliver a full lifetime of pure love

Within as little as one…complete kiss

Poet of the Light © 2018




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