There come’s times

For glimpses when I find

In the glare of a mirror

A lost smile, reddish blonde hair

Looking back at me queerly

Oh, the things I would’ve given

To have been on the other side

Of that reflective glaze

To have seen my life- beforehand

Before it lived me in time

Maybe I could’ve saved- you?

Maybe your heart would be scar-less?

Maybe you’d still be here today?

Maybe I would’ve changed- everything?

Maybe I would’ve stopped time?

Maybe I would’ve prevented mistakes?

Maybe- I’m just too desperate;

Now, in my heart- far too late?

Why do I visit- me in this way?

Has the child I was, come for healing?

Am I missing messages, he’s o.k.?

Or simply letting go of that pain?

Still- I love who you’ll always be- to me

Oh, how I wish we could sit and visit

In far more than random glimpses

I miss that childish innocents and dreams

That times of yesterdays…stole away


Poet of the Light © 2018





9 thoughts on “Graininess

  1. I’m really liking your poetry. I recommend that you make an “about me” page on your site, though, as that helps followers to get a snapshot of what your blog is about (or the writer behind the words). Just a suggestion. Take it with a grain of salt.


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