Will your heart still want mine;

If mine has been replaced?

Will you love me, tomorrow;

As you say you do- today?

Will you still see me;

When I turn frail and grey

Will you still want me;

When I no longer hear the same?

Will you still embrace me;

When my whispers, are too allayed    

Will you still love me;

When I can no longer walk?

Will you still dare touch me;

If my skin discolors and dries?

Will you still wipe my tears;

Gently as you shed your own?

Will you still want me;

When I lose some of my thoughts?

Will you still hold me close;

If I sip farther away into darkness?

Will you even remain;

If I’ve forgotten your name?

Or is today, the best of you,

I’ll ever experience…in a lover’s truth?

Poet of the Light © 2018

37 thoughts on “Tomorrow’s

      1. You are not up? U text in ur sleep? 2 am is when you sleep…. yes where u are is 2 am I suppose


      1. Yes I see ur point but … what if that is the way u remember it? I remember a
        Certain events that where traumatizing to me and it never goes away


      2. I know that all to well myself. How you describe it, recall it can remain the same but outside of that, people slip and tell on themselves. In my experience. This is what is meant by that adage of letting people hang themselves by their own words.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Am still confused . I always feel if I heard the story before and it told differently it’s a complete lie . But consistently hearing the same story which I do with sexual assault victims in my groups . You can tell!


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