I have loved- mysteriously  

Openly and foolishly

Not just childish like

But as a naive believer

However not without flaws

Broken, cuts and bruises  

Scarred by too many others

When love was never motive

When love was never present

When love was only gifted

By one side, one blind seer

Pumping love into a withered vein

Until most of all I am, depleted  


I’m unsure if I will ever love again

So wildly open, so daring

In the only manner I know to give

Or if love was never meant

To be kind enough to be mine

To encompass me forever

To flow through me like a river

Forever churning and quenching  

I have but only one direction to go

That is the one- my heart directs

It wasn’t foretold where love resides

Yet peregrinates on whispers of hope  

But my heart can but only survive

In that place where love is…truly mine

Poet of the Light © 2018

3 thoughts on “Traveler

  1. Thank you for reading and commenting. Perhaps I misunderstand your comment. Without reciprocity we only serve self. If love were only about self, we would never have any need of anyone else, never desire connection in human form and never exhibit love for others to observe as a model. What value are oceans that never intermingle? Once we’ve left this realm, we will have more the love you seem to describe.

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  2. Nothing wrong with reciprocity, just it’s not always the case, but that should not hinder us, like in the Muslim Hadit Qudsi :

    “Neither My Earth nor My Heavens could contain Me, whilst the heart of My believing servant does contain Me…”

    Or Rabia’s famous poem:

    “O my Lord,
    the stars glitter
    and the eyes of men are closed.
    Kings have locked their doors
    and each lover is alone with his love.

    Here, I am alone with you.”

    Like your poems, keep the good work. 🙂

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