Who nowadays dares defy convenience
While conveniently being arbitrarily?
I love names found in many storybooks  
Most often written for children- within   
Like Anastasia, they always seem mystical
Almost daring your imagination to run wild
Beseeching your heart to free the words
Embark on a journey otherwise left unlived
There come occasions when I do write 
To compensate- for a life I don't have, now
Not because I’m not entitled- few ever are
Not because it isn't possible, when it is
But because the laws of probable seem nil 
Not because I don't believe because I do 
And so too- would more variables need to snick
Like the pins found in a locks cylinder, aligned 
Then slipped, revealing treasure long hidden
Behind a doorway only known to my mind 
Felt deep within my heart like its own beat
That makes everything else complete- alive
The way words make a fairy-tale, emotional
Its most difficult to believe in those unknowns
People, places, connections, time and trust  
Oh, how magical faith can be when it works
When it does become more than illusionary 
Beyond some prop upon a stage of tricks 
And how disquieting when it fails, to live
When tangibility slips through my hands
As if wisps, of smoke were mirrored light 
I couldn’t grasp despite- all desired efforts to
Thereby prove- laws of a heart can overcome
Even the notorious adages of waiting alone                
Because someone is always key to live…love

Poet of the Light © 2018 


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