They claimed it will be a clear day

I see nothing but imperfect grey

Some glance as if I look strange

Sitting here staring with no luggage 

Wall clock pendulum silently swings

Only briefly distracting- thoughts

From the hands that will take you

Into their arms like a lover does

And I’m forced- to bear witness

Because I dare to love you honestly 

They’ve called for your train boarding

I stood at the station door- alone

How apropos the sheet of glass is

As the sound of the train grew louder

People smiling, joking- and don’t know

All this pain, I’ try to hold in my eyes

I’ve lost all sight of color- and hope

It wasn’t raining but my face- soaked

The cold breezes make it all too real

Strangers hug and kissing, one last time

Tell me why I was denied, that chance?

I tried desperately to wave- but couldn’t

I watched as you left, between tears

Oh, the surface of this ocean’s breaks

Step by step, you didn’t look back

That image now, froze in my heart

I know it’s not rejection- but still hurts

This is the worst pain, I’ll ever know

I have no choice but let you go- away

Everything else leaves except for this

I feel it etching- deep in my soul now

It hurts, I churn, and it burns- ever slow

One more carload down- your loaded

And even the sound of commotion

Can’t drown this ocean, I’m letting go

Everything seems to be going so fast

And yet all I am feels lost in slow motion

A fog of smoke bellows outwards

The rail wheels turn, there you go

With every promised memory we shared

All those stolen moments of me with you

The air whistle makes it all too permanent

I can barely stand here- catch my breath

My eyes are closed, I pretend its dream

I guess it always starts like this, ghostly

This train comes and takes you home

Taking you from love-me, forever away

I can’t even utter those final words

Because there no good about it at all

Oh, it’s true, our love; it is indelible

But no one told me, how bad it scars

In my mind, my heart and now my soul

This being left here alone…without you

Poet of the Light © 2018


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