Fluent 101


Like reviewing email

They’re prioritized neatly 

According to importance- dated 

I stroll through my emotions

I can be pedantic- discreet  

Looking for clear evidence

Looking for your fingerprints

Finding only dust- undisturbed

Dust rarely ever speaks

Yet it is present in volumes

Oh, how loud the silence is

But absence screams louder

That- I often shudder within

Sometimes I childishly wish

I was blind and needed selectively

To feel my way through understanding

Where I’d get lost- rationalize

Take blame while blaming unfairly  

Except- at loud times like this

Maybe I should learn to love- dust

I would be so much more the richer

Hell- evidently, I’d be loved

I wish instead I were just numb

I wish instead I were dumb

But then again maybe I am

After all, I still look for…your touch

Poet of the Light © 2018


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