It was a gruesome sight to say the least

Any garbage man could’ve easily investigated

It was inside sabotage right from the start

Now a crime scene spilling out secrets  

The chambers have been cordoned-off                                              

They’ve dissected most the latent clues     

Blood drops scattered about profusely                                                

Fragmented words linking the saboteurs  

One has been discovered in a state of dissonance

Syringe of co-conspirator’s whispers in their veins

Clearly wounded and proving deceptive answers

The abandoned culprits deflecting culpability                                           

Plethora of blue notes litter the environment

A false witness came forth, but was quickly busted  

A malignant narcissistic ego- prattling nonsense

Crying, holding evidence of smudged memories

Pile a torched dream’s left in ashes- smoldering

Love poetry scrawled on the chamber walls  

By shards of humanism with their fingerprints                             

Bloody foot tracks, escaping in fleeting echoes                                    

My heart arrested; confessed; pleading insanity

Blaming it on a sickness, an incurable addiction

All started by some insatiable kiss of passion  

Implicating your involvement; love…your weapon  

Poet of the Light © 2018

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