Recently I’ve discovered how distasteful I find in others who have been taking what is laid out bare before the world for free, the artistic bleeding of ones life experiences only to have other apathetic people lacking any heartbeat or conscious; steal such experiences, repackage them, market them in their own words and even worse, sell them for monetary gain via books of their claimed copyrighted materiel. I’m sure these soul-less people who pretend to bleed from a false past suffrage, laugh all the way to the bank with blood money they rationalize as hard earned. I offer them no pity and I’m sure the wrath they’ve earned- won’t either. 

14 thoughts on “Distasteful

  1. Having said “AMEN” to this, I realize that I have in the past taken copyrighted pictures for my blog…and did suffer the wrath of those people whose pictures they were! And speedily rectified the situation, too!


    1. inadvertently making a mistake that is correctable is a far cry from claiming the work all together. If not my picture, I’ve always added at my copyright, it was for the poem only. In many cases the picture has no ownership copyright still- I’m remain honest.


  2. I know maggots like this who steal the work of others. Just after I started this blog I had to contact someone who had posted one of my poems word for word. When I confronted her she said, ‘oh, i thought I wrote that” Unfortunately, these people are everywhere.


  3. It really makes me wonder often when I come upon a blog that seems to be doing this. There’s shit you read that seems super faked and that sucks because it ruins the rawness of the experience in blogging!!
    I cant agree more with you on this. Flat out plagiarized work is a HUGE disgrace! Ive heard about this happening to artists where they are reported to about their work printed on shirts etc. without permission or credit!!!!! GAH!!! People who steal like that suck~and they know it. Some would say its a compliment and that your message is being spread but thats horseshit, spread your own message you pathetic cowards!!
    Ooops, thats almost too raw to comment..but its true!


    1. Imo, no complement require the dilution of the person or their work however a false analogy does for nefarious reasons they need to veil while seeking your ill-witted corporation. It’s more than a disgrace, its a crime, making them criminals. Thank you for your comment.

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      1. If there’s one thing I hate, its Greed.

        The thing in my heart that dissolves the anger about this is that I know “every action has an equal and opposite reaction”
        ..no ones invincible to the (inevitable) consequences of their actions.


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