Twas love, of that there is no doubt

Not to me, nor anyone else really

That resides in any sense of normalcy

That same love- still reins inside me

In places that now hides; akin a shadow

I know you’ve expressed concern

I perceived it greater than you did

And how you even describe it now

As being nothing more than a fling

A flight of fancy- gone wild, lopsidedly 

Seems rather odd to be honest

Why you’ve become so dismissive

Of facts or our words; so confusing

In reflection I understand it less- now

We made promises we ought not

But we are human, are we not?

Our words represented our desires

From ourselves shared to each other

Our words tried to convey- heighten

Those messages of our felt emotions  

Our words tried to create, beautify

Worlds where we could be- us

A world we sought to steep in love

Be together in truth and thoughts

If only, both of us were stuck by…pure lust          

Poet of the Light © 2018

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