I know-

There comes a time

When you’ve long past

That line to say- goodbye

To someone who left you

Alone in a cold dark silence

Uncaring- if you hurt

As your soul bled out- doubt   

And your souring words

Have stayed a bit too long

Helplessly clinging onto

Your apprehensive tongue

While the lump in your throat

Is afraid it will choke and die

On the tears you know you’ll cry

Oh, why does it get so hard

To breathe in moments like this

As pictures of what might have been

Race through your mind- unwinding 

As you let your hope slip- away

Like the taste you never had

Of their lips or sight of their eyes

That place where loves fire died

As you turn and walk away

Wounded deeply by a cause

That time said never was

Nor can be love when…left undone

Poet of the Light© 2018

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