It can be said, at least by me, falling in love is often an unconscious act whereby you consciously put on your best front-where you want and expect everyone with interest to come. Unbeknownst that your back door was mindlessly left ajar, unprotected- where real loves slips in like whorls of smoke. Slowly sneaking up on you liken a shadow evading the light until it begins seeping into your every pore, thought, action and whispering dreams. Now it’s residing as if it always was- there, present in your every moment. Love is such a strange but most effective thief. Targeting everything your wantonly and willing to give away but before you realize it, all of that has already been heisted. Sometimes in fear of losing that same queer love we over-react and begin to give away every piece of ourselves and just as suddenly we become swallowed up in the vacant whorls because that person in love with you became overindulgent, now its perverted and they-it just left. After the bloodbath of ourselves we are all we have of us from that love gone awry- to embrace, caress in silent screams of betrayal and yet still- I would risk love slipping in via the back unlatched door, catch me off balance so much that I help foster authentic memories, rather than have it come through my front door like a cheap salesperson expecting me to be complicit for the sake of my expedient demise and because I failed to read the fine print that- this type of love will always be a sold lie. And if true love is reading, you’ll notice I left the back light on too…just in case.

Poet of the Light© 2018   

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