What I enjoy most about love

When it overtakes you like a storm

Is its grit- that gets caught

In the center of your throat

As your heart goes in full panic

Your mind rushes wild

And blood pools far below

Holding you in your stance

As if it’s your soul’s magnet   

Just before and after

Telling someone- those

Most oath, gut wrenching words:

“I love you” often with a grin

Sometimes with tears- still

Refusing to flee, being supportive

To your vocal courage and fear

As ghostly rejection hovers- foggishly 

The way an enabler does an addict

While wanting them to be cured

However- it only holds true

So long as love too intends to

Be love, unrefined- colored

But the grit, like scars never leave…ever

Poet of the Light © 2018

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