Nightly shade void of ambient music

Sandy soil lights softly filter refraction’s

Crumbling waves tumble over my thoughts

As I sit nakedly before a pile of used ashes

Much like a scrapbook of memories- gone

My body wishing there was still a robust fire  

And breathes escape in a fogyish manner   

A frighten moon bares as everyone’s witness

But few will ever witness the moons fear

Burped remnants of the ocean are strewn

Apropos for this evening’s distasteful mood

A fashion becoming far to my new normal  

The only thing missing, is everything… you

Poet of the Light © 2018


32 thoughts on “Drabble

      1. No one told you? You’ve always been on a boat. This is an experiment by aliens and none of us have ever had a chance to do laundry. Passports aren’t required. The up side is that there is no ‘probing’. lol


      2. hahahaha… don’t you mean, just when they pull it out the push it back in… the bolt on the door I mean 🙂


      3. Man, I just spat my coffee out… me and twerking… not a pretty sight… don’t even try to imagine it, else you will ruin your appetite for the next several decades… though, my mind does contract in weird ways so maybe it does twerk 🙂


      4. As long as you pay attention reading, that’s what’s important… safe reading should always be practiced.


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