Whispers of a poet's heart

Purely, in a micro-second

She was unlike any beauty I’d known

A beauty that stirred up maturity within

The very crux of an admiring observant

I’ve peregrinated onto a piece of heaven

I wanted to do more than just stare- childishly

I needed to understand fully her beauty

Degust its flavor, smell its alluring scent

Feel her silkiness with my bare fingertips

As if I were blind and reading her soul

Whet my knowledge of her moist lips

All while my soul yearned- for more

More than just her delicate breath

Breathing gently across my nakedness

I absolutely had to be Imbued in all that was- her

Captivating; is clearly an understatement

She became intoxicating to my heart

My eyes looked for her even while I slept

Her mellifluous tone stole my attention

The way obvious whispers heighten mystery

A mystery I had to know, to solve- solely

Me, simply…

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