Whispering keys- words

Unlocking new galaxies

As they slither into visions

Found in our starry eyes  

Fear ignored for wanderlust

To travel and taste each other

Instincts take command

Sipping from the heart’s chalice

As we get lost in uncovering

Eclipsing in light and shadows    

We’ve woven into- one

Like interlocking fingers

Bare skin, pulse’s throbbing

Moist lips, hot breathes- gasps

As we roll, rock and twist

Drunk on passions nectar 

Flames of desire explode in a dance

Again, in our minds, bodies and souls  

Euphoria at our fingertips

Pleasure for the pleasing unfolds

Delving into depths unknown

Escaping our fallible humanism   

We’ve become climatic gods

And in these fulfilling moments

We’ve exceeded time, presence

Adrift on galactic remnants of…us

Poet of the Light © 2018

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