For others-

She was perceived an enigma

They even further thought

She should be shunned

Everyone saw she was different 

Most fear the queer unknowns 

Seldom being attentive

To anything not their preference

Or not under their control

But for me-

She was divine beauty- truly  

Wildly and yet most refrained

Being reveled in glimpses

Like rare sparkles of a diamonds 

When prismatic sunlight cascades

And I- admired her from afar

Sometimes getting lost in awe

Ignoring even time as it ticked on

She taught me about art

In my many of mini-lessons

The pristine kind seen in motion

And caught only by perchance 

Life gifts in mere micro-seconds

And fewer human minds

Acknowledge so instantaneously

Retain and relish indefinitely

She- like a muse inspired poetry  

Colorful words that seemingly

And esoterically came out of no where

Appearing on sheets, white lien, inked

She had that effortless affect

If for no one else, certainly for me

She’ll always be present in my presence

And I suspect long after my departure  

I could be wrong, in bias preference 

Thinking we shared a connection- love 

Unseen or heard yet felt, deep within

She changed me for the betterment

Innately for me I’ll permanently feel 

As if she existed- just to touch…my soul

Poet of the Light © 2018

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