Utterance’s of hope

Whispers of a poet's heart

At times dreams can seem- a bit crude
I’ve seemed to have lived mostly lost
Being adrift, while accepting, unfound
Barely acclimating to my environment
Betwixt gasp and grasp of my own exhales
Living a modicum life of just, temporary
And there come those days, too erratic
It happens, I’m feeling a bit out of place
Akin whirls of winds, in too long of visits
Sometimes at night or in passing storms
I’m uniquely prodded- completely moved
Then, and unexpectedly without notice
The universe changes, without question
So much so, I miss you more than ever
Deep to my own core- my own existence
And yet, I know well we still haven’t met
And yet again, this void- always present
Often, I ask myself how this could be?
And just as often I’m left, perplexed
It’s possible I’m wrong or simply crazy
But my innate feelings- are too real

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