each passing day

I gain…something  

step by step

Sometimes a word

Sometimes a thought

Some in pictures

Some forward

Others sideways

Still- I gain

Closer to my old self  

But- I must admit

Times do come forth

I stumble- blindly

Veer off course

Feeling as if I’m

Clinging to some night’s  

Crude razors edge

Terrified dawn will arise

Finding me absent  

From her full bloom

Touch- warm colors

But all I really am

Is left- adrift and unsaid

My grip sheared off

Sending rains to flush

Most of the tints away

And in monochrome

Clumps of cloudy thoughts

Linger, that-I’ve chosen

To abandoned her

For a new season already gone

When all I want

Is to be home

With someone, and…living love

Poet of the Light © 2018


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